Church Planting

is a process that results in a new Christian church being established.

Independent Evangelical Ministries has been serving and planting church all over the Pakistan since 1995, through God’s will and hand of provision Independent Evangelical Ministries has planted over 8 churches where on any given Sunday, over hundreds people gather to worship. IEM Pakistan has a growing team of church planters who regularly start new ministries in unreached regions all of the Pakistan, Most of church planter evangelists trained at The Independent Bible College and some others trained in different colleges and seminaries in Pakistan and come to be a part of the God vision work through Independent Evangelical Ministries Most of church planters serve more than one congregation. Throughout the week evangelists share the Good News and help provide for the needs of the people in the villages un reached areas and areas they dedicated to serve. Evangelists also teach children and bring then to our Child Fellowship Ministry and youth to bring them in Bible class to trained them to ba church planter. We don’t supporting our team of evangelists financially at this movement they are working on self support. if God put in your heart to sponsor our church planting team than you can make your contribution in God’s vision. we believe together we can do more than we are doing.