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Independent Evangelical Ministries Lahore, Pakistan

God give us a vision to work in unfaithful people to bring them to the Christ and to up left and established the unsaved and un reached Christian societies of Pakistan - Become a part of our mission

Founder & Chairman

A simple Rural man was  brought to God by Pastor Bashir Masih in 1991 in Quetta and he was baptized in Hannah Lake by him. After baptism he start working on the harvest of Lord in Quetta with some of local pastor there. After 4 years he came to Lahore where he received a vision to serve the Lord in unfaithful people and un reached area of Pakistan. He never went to school even for a single day but God shine His face upon him and give him ability to read Urdu Bible.

– Pastor Din Masih

Pastor Din Masih - Independent Evangelical Ministries

Our Most Focused PRojects

Church Planting

Church Planting is the main focus of Independent Evangelical Ministries, from 2001 to till we have planting 6 churches in different cities of Pakistan and working on…

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Child Fellowship

Child Fellowship Ministry is where we build our future Harvest Workers. Because Sunday School is the foundation of strong Christians what’s why…

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Education is the basic need of every one in this world. But unfortunately Christian community is so far from this need . To build spiritual and socially strong people…

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Recent Testimonies

My name is Shahzad Allah Ditta i am 25 year old i was using drugs like alcohol, cocaine, cigarette and whatever drugs my friends give me to take, one day i came to Independent Evangelical Ministries Church as usual when Pastor was preaching God touched my heart to make me feel to leave all kind of drugs. I prayed and decided to not take drug from now but after few days i started talking drugs again i came to Church Youth and share with them they helped me a lot and support me spiritually now i am strong believer and never take any kind of drugs again. i am so happy with this life.
Shahzad Allah Ditta
Youhanabad, Lahore
hello! my name is Guria Salamat i live near the Independent Evangelical Ministries Church. i got married in 1998 and didn't have any baby even after many year of marriage i took different kinds of medicine to be a mother of child but medicine never worked, one day i came to church and asked to Pastor Din Masih to pray for me i am so worried about it, He prayed on me and my husband and said God will blessed you with a baby next year just believe, if baby will be a girl name her Caroline and if baby will be boy name him Alisha, God blessed me with a baby girl Caroline very next year.
Guria Salamat
Khaliq Nagar, Lahore

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