What We Do

(Luke 10:2)

Independent Evangelical Ministries ( IEM PAKISTAN ) focused on bringing people to light from the deep of darkness. Our mission is to Give Good New to those who never heard it reach in each and every  last corners of Pakistan especially into Gypsies, Huts, Slums like and neglected areas where no one like to go because they always stay at dirty place and they are smelly. That’s why  we are serving in this kind of areas in  different states, cities, villages, towns of Pakistan. We are teaching & preaching the word of God among the unfaithful  people in this regards regularly  we arrange youth awareness programs,   evangelistic campaigns, crusades, meetings,  seminars, leadership conferences, child fellowship events and food fellowships conventions God  using Independent Evangelical Ministries ( IEM PAKISTAN )  like a good Samaritan and good shepherd. The Father and the Son and The Holy Spirit’s mighty power doing amazing miracles and wonders in lives of Christians & unfaithful people. Many souls receive healing from their disease and demons released in the name of Lord  Jesus Christ, Praise The Lord. Hallelujah! because of all these spiritual programs a lot of people confesses & repent their sins and accepts the Lord Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and prepare them for the kingdom of God to prepare themselves to work on the Harvest of God. Praise the Lord Christ Christ! 


IEM Pakistan held Prayer, healing and evangelistic crusades monthly and three big crusades annually, where many unfaithful lives are changing, coming to light from the darkness, gospel preached, people are getting healed and releasing from bad spirits and accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior in their lives. Our dedicated evangelistic team ready 24/7 to serving day and night and going door-to-door & city-to-city and get involved in people’s personal life to bring them to the light and have  peace in lives who are hopeless and in depression & despair. We are a group of disciples making  team and preparing a men to work of the Harvest of God as God said  the harvest is ready but the harvesters are few.

Independent Evangelical Ministries ( IEM PAKISTAN ) headquarter,  based in Lahore, Pakistan but serving in all over the different states and cities of Pakistan.