Church Planting

Independent Evangelical Ministries has been serving and planting church all over the Pakistan since 1995, through God’s will and hand of provision Independent Evangelical Ministries has planted over 8 churches where on any given Sunday, over hundreds people gather to worship. IEM Pakistan has a growing team of church planters who 

Independent Bible College

Independent Bible College is place where Independent Evangelical Ministries train their Evangelist, Pastor, Youth Leader and Sunday School Teachers. This Bible College were started in 2015 by Independent Evangelical Ministries to standardized our church planters. till the date we have trained more than 100 students most of them are 

Child Fellowship Ministry

Child Fellowship Ministry is working for the promotion of children of church members, street children and orphans.

Our Reach Ministry

Independent Evangelical Ministries has a dedicated team of Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, and program organizers with a mission to bring people to light from the darkness and serve the Christian Community. Team always go the places that never visited by anyone to share Gospel. 

OUr Upcoming projects