Portable Primary School

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring gypsies to light from the darkness through education and care.

Our History

Portable Primary School (PPS) was started on February 25, 2016 by Independent Evangelical Ministries. We named this School “Portable Primary School” portable means it can be move from one place to another. Theme behind this name is that, Gypsy people never have their own homes they always live in huts wherever they find empty land. They never stay at one place for more than 1 year; they shift their huts to another available place when landowner asks them to empty his land where they are living. If Gypsies eat daily bread by begging food on daily basis than how is that possible for them to bear educational expenses. That’s why they don’t send their children to schooling. In our community there are several institutes in working on every child of nation except Gypsies. 

Therefor we decided to start Portable Primary School to educate and care gypsies.  First branch of the school was open in Azam Chowk with 49 students. We provide them everything free of cost like books, note books, stationery etc. From February, 2016 to September, 2018 school has educated hundreds of gypsies’ children.

Pastor Din Masih the founder PPS was funding school from his salary as this is the project of Independent Evangelical Ministries. When he retired from his job in start of 2018 his salary stopped. In couple of coming months savings for this school was finished as well. Because we were working on self-support therefore school was closed on September, 2018. 


Portable Primary School (PPS) provided free education to Gypsies for 2 years, in past two years we educate hundreds of gypsy’s children. We make them able to speak, write and read Urdu and English. Other gypsy children are inspired and motivated by educated children. Hundred of gypsy children and all gypsy parents are requesting us to educate their children as we were educating, because they have seen changes in their children’s lives after getting education from Portable Primary School in past 2 years. Gypsies are seeking towards this school for reopening. But because of financial problem, school is not able to fulfill their need of education and care. Portable Primary School is out of financial sources at this moment but we have a plan to restart school so soon. We need you love and prayers. 

Christmas Cake Cutting Ceremony with Gypsies - December 26, 2018