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Portable Primary School

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring gypsies to light from the darkness through education and care.

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Education is a process of gaining knowledge and skills through study and instruction. Education is not all about getting good marks. It is a means to discover new things and broaden our knowledge. Education tells us the difference between right and wrong. It helps you understand yourself better. It helps you realize your qualities as a human being. Good education empowers you, it makes you enough strong to look after yourself in any kind of situation.  

We must realize the importance of education. If a person is physically powerful, he is considered strong. A person who is slow anger could be thought of as emotionally strong. An intelligent person can be classified as mentally strong. But only education is a life-changing key. This key can change an emotionally weak person to a mentally strong person and an angry person to a patient and a positive thinker. Education has the power to change the mindset and personality of people. Education is the bedrock of our future. Education gives birth to new ideas and options crucial for dealing with some of the most serious issues. All solutions related to present and future issues can only be accomplished through education. We have to be very careful about education because our future depends on it. The power of education is enduring. Education plays the most important role in the development and progress of a country. Education is the backbone of developing countries. A country can’t progress without a sound education system. Someone said that, if you want to destroy the economy of any country than just destroy its education system. It will make their doctors not being able to save a life; Engineers will not able to well build a road, pulls and buildings, Accountants will not able to calculate profit or loss and scientists will not discover anything new. An educated person is an asset to his country.

I will discuss women’s education as well. Every person has the right to education. If we educate a woman we educate a family and even a society as a whole. It is said if you educate a man you just educate that man. On the other hand, if you educate a woman you educate a generation. Unfortunately, in our society women are not appreciated for education. They even humiliated in our society. If a girl asks for her right to the education she is degraded by her family and other relatives. I hope you all know about Malala Yousafzai, She plays a vital role in the right of women and children education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Girl’s education was ban thereby the Taliban at that time. On 9th October 2012 when she was on a bus after taking exams she was shot by a gunman with two other girls. Even after this incident, she did not give up. She is a commendable girl. We also must stand up with her in this race.     

Quality Education produces such kind of strength, through which life can be built upon. Its foundation is knowledge, its pillars are put up from the support of wisdom and its structure solidified with the cement of confidence. True knowledge is fearless. It makes us confident. I will share one verse related to knowledge with you; Exodus 31: 3-4, “I have filled him with the Spirit of God, in wisdom and understanding and knowledge and all kinds of workmanship, to devise skillful works, to work on gold, and in silver, and bronze, and in cutting of stones for setting, and in carving of woods, to work in all kinds of workmanship.” If we see this verse deeply, we can see here clearly that man is eligible to work in all kinds of workmanship just through the Spirit of God, wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. Learning is the base of knowledge; education is the Composition from which knowledge flows. The byproducts of education, awareness of varying concepts, appreciation for ideas, and understanding of different philosophies, all are a powerful foundation for growth and change. From Education comes wisdom and from wisdom, solutions are born. With a wisdom all is possible and without it nothing is achievable. Pro 3:13-14 said, “Happy is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gets understanding. Because her good profit is better than getting silver and her return is better than fine gold”. Our God also gives more importance to education on silver and gold here. Brothers and sisters, these are not my own words it is God’s word and God’s word can’t be denied. As I have discussed the importance of education even according to the Bible, We all are now aware of this precious truth. So today we can take the first step. 

We ‘Independent Evangelical ministries’ focus on educational seminar Pakistan, women empowerment Pakistan, education ministry Pakistan, free education Pakistan, education for all, primary education in Pakistan, and adult education. If God leads you to partner with us in this social welfare educational initiative by investing your resources to the education of poor, orphan, and street children, you are welcome to stand behind this cause in Pakistan, please write us at info@iempakistan.org or click the contact us button below.

Our History

Portable Primary School (PPS) was started on February 25, 2016 by Independent Evangelical Ministries. We named this School “Portable Primary School” portable means it can be move from one place to another. Theme behind this name is that, Gypsy people never have their own homes they always live in huts wherever they find empty land. They never stay at one place for more than 1 year; they shift their huts to another available place when landowner asks them to empty his land where they are living. If Gypsies eat daily bread by begging food on daily basis than how is that possible for them to bear educational expenses. That’s why they don’t send their children to schooling. In our community there are several institutes in working on every child of nation except Gypsies. 

Therefor we decided to start Portable Primary School to educate and care gypsies.  First branch of the school was open in Azam Chowk with 49 students. We provide them everything free of cost like books, note books, stationery etc. From February, 2016 to September, 2018 school has educated hundreds of gypsies’ children.

Pastor Din Masih the founder PPS was funding school from his salary as this is the project of Independent Evangelical Ministries. When he retired from his job in start of 2018 his salary stopped. In couple of coming months savings for this school was finished as well. Because we were working on self-support therefore school was closed on September, 2018. 


Portable Primary School (PPS) provided free education to Gypsies for 2 years, in past two years we educate hundreds of gypsy’s children. We make them able to speak, write and read Urdu and English. Other gypsy children are inspired and motivated by educated children. Hundred of gypsy children and all gypsy parents are requesting us to educate their children as we were educating, because they have seen changes in their children’s lives after getting education from Portable Primary School in past 2 years. Gypsies are seeking towards this school for reopening. But because of financial problem, school is not able to fulfill their need of education and care. Portable Primary School is out of financial sources at this moment but we have a plan to restart school so soon. We need you love and prayers. 

Christmas Cake Cutting Ceremony with Gypsies - December 26, 2018