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Outreach is a valuable compound of the church. Outreach is a key component to empower the church. It is a means of leading lost souls to God. The main reason for outreach is God’s Love. God provokes us to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty and clothing to naked, etc. In chapter John 21:17 verse, Lord said to Peter three times, “Feed my sheep.” Mathew 28: 18-20 talks about disciples making. Jesus said in Mark 1:17, Come after me, and I will make you into fishers for men. If we want to follow Lord in this ministry then a lot of sacrifices are required. We must put God at the center of Christian outreach for lasting and effective results. We must follow God’s guidance and direction before doing outreach. Secondly, outreach entails selflessness and meekness. Fishing is usually done by hook or net. I like fishing with a net. According to chapter of Luke 19:10 verse, our Lord came to seek lost one and save them from punishment. Now, in this era, it is our, God’s disciples, evangelists, and Church responsibility.

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We independent Evangelical Ministries (IEM) approach lost souls and baptize/save them in the name of Jesus Christ. Evangelism without outreach is not effective. Our team goes out and preaches the Gospel, share their experiences. We focus on soul-winning by the Lord.  We have a proper method of training for evangelism. How can we fight with our opponent without training or a weapon? Training is the most basic component to evangelize. A church will not grow without someone specifically appointed for some specific duty (i.e. evangelism, worshiping, shepherding, etc.). Thousands of people can be reached through outreach associated with revival. We independent Evangelical Ministries (IEM) arranges open-air concerts, crusades, and seminars monthly and annually. Many unbelievers will not attend church meetings but will come to special outreach activities. We organize small local groups as per their location. Prayer is the foundation of evangelism. Our prayer team prays all the time in spirit for the salvation of lost souls. Sometimes, we pray many years for the salvation of a specific person, and then Lord captures that person. Prayer has the power to change anything.

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Here are some tips for effective outreach;

Firstly, pray before outreach and seek God’s direction for every step and do what God exactly says. God must be the origin of every step of work. He knows best for every situation. God knows the end from the beginning very well.

Secondly, seek God’s help in all matters as he has promised that I will be with you. When we seek God’s help he goes along with us and helps us in times of need.

Third, be patient and wait for the Lord’s voice. Don’t go forward without listening to God. If it seems that God is silent, don’t make it useless. His delays are not useless. He knows what to do better than you. Listen carefully to his voice. He speaks in many ways. He may speak with you through scriptures, prayer, hymns, circumstances, and other people.

Fourth, Honor his words. His wisdom is more than your thinking even. You may consider his words different from your practical experience. Still, you must depend on God. Obey him. Obedience to God will make impossible things possible.

Finally, always pray and ask for wisdom from the Lord.

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