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SMILE ORPHANAGE - A Orphan Home in Pakistan | smileorphanage.org

A Child is like raw clay. We can mold him in any shape. Children are the most innocent and truthful being. They should be treated with great love and respect; they also have the right to education and the opportunity to grow in society. They must be protected by the family. But unfortunately, millions of children are living without any support, care, protection, and roof. Such kind of children is known as an orphan. Some orphan children are thrown out from their houses and left alone in the street.

They face a different kind of problems. They go in different kinds of cases. We hear many orphan stories daily. For example, some orphan children become a target of trafficking, child labor, child abuse, and begging, etc. Some children get involved in drug addiction. Some children get involved in bad companies. Rape is another problem which children are facing. Sexual violence and domestic abuse with children is spreading speedily. Some children are becoming sick due to lake of food or dirty water and food usage. They are becoming underweight due to a lack of food because of less financial sources. These are a few problems that they face.

Now we will discuss the right of orphans. Education is the right of every child from birth. Education is very important to aware of how they can live a normal life in society. One education can develop the confidence of simple living in them. It is very important to make sure these children get a proper education in a healthy environment. They must get equal opportunity in every work to grow.

According to Mathew 19:14, Jesus said, the Kingdom of heaven belongs to one like a child. We also must be like a child who tell truth, have a pure and soft heart, and doesn’t make bad plans. Lord loves children as well. We must take care of them for sake of the Lord.

We must stand up for these children. Many Orphanages in Lahore, Orphanage in Karachi, Orphanage in Islamabad, and Orphanage in Rawalpindi, Orphanage in Pakistan, and all over the world are working toward the welfare of orphans globally. But still, many children are the victim of trafficking, child labor, child abuse, and begging. I am sure, you daily go outside. One day separate your time and look around you. Many children are hungry. They are wandering here and there for the food. They are laboring in a hotel near you. They are picking up a heavyweight to eat the food of two times. Please soft your heart. They are also the same as you were in childhood; consider them as your children.

We Independent Evangelical Ministries took this burden. We are serving in that society where a huge amount of children are neglected because they have lost their parents, no one is here to take care of them, they are living with their wide families and not getting their basics needs. Some are passing through child laboring and some are wandering in streets all the day and getting involve in bad companies. Just two or three time food is not enough for living. There are many things needed to grow physically and spiritually, like proper food, Religious and secular Education and clothes etc. As are religious and social organization we covered street children with our Child Fellowship Ministry but orphans need more than this, so we have decided to take step on this and start Orphanage. We never see smile on the faces of orphans. They have very cute smiles but never smiled so SMILE ORPHANAGE’s vision is to see smile on the faces of orphans. That’s why we name this project “SMILE ORPHANAGE”.

Smile Orphanage is a Christian community based nonprofit and social welfare organization working under the Independent Evangelical Ministries, Smile dedicated to the care of orphans. We provide our orphans with a homely and warm family-type Christian educational environment. Every effort is made to enrich the children with strong Christian moral values, good quality education and skills that will enable them to become believer, productive, responsible citizens and most importantly upright Christians in the society.

Our aim is to set up this shelter for orphans in 2019 but because of limited sources we are unable to get started, we are raising funds for SMILE ORPHANAGE. if God moves your heart and you want to become a part of our mission to give hope to hopeless and smile to sad faces. we invite to join hand with us. We believe together we can do with more and in a better way.


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