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Independent Bible College

Independent Bible Collage

Independent Bible College, Lahore – Pakistan

(Mission 2021)

Unreached Area in Lahore & Kasur:

Ø Chatheyaan Wala Village Pak o Hind boarder Lahore

Ø  Laleyani Village Lahore

Ø Makhan Colony Lahore

Ø Sua Asal Lahore

Ø Kaddiwind Kasur

These five areas of Lahore and Kasur is very populated areas which areas are not reached yet by biblical trainers for disciple making that’s why these areas have been selected to send Independent Evangelical Ministries’ Independent Bible College to cover these areas in 2019.  Three evangelists and five most experience trainers are select for this mission 2019 to make more than 300 evangelists.  


          These three evangelists will visit these areas respectively one by one and fellowship with them to find out minimum 35 – 40 students from one place for first bible class. When evangelists gathered all students and make them ready for training our teaching team will go there to start a class. Evangelists will move to the next place and repeat the process to cover these five places in a year. After completion of our mission we will arrange a 3 days seminar and gather all students at one place and will give them final training and send them to field to share good news and to help their pastors in their churches and  to serve in different types of ministries.                     


          Independent Bible College class schedule is very student friendly; we held classes on the day and time decided by students. From our side we just required five hours a day a week. We have 250 lessons in this training, (50 lessons per subjects) we teaches 5 lessons a week this is how we cover our course in a year.  We never charged students for this training and we give students a little refreshment at the end of class.


Independent Bible College has a training book named “People of God” this book contains five subjects as mention below: with is book we use visual ads and acts and other practices. Five selected trainers will teach these five subjects.

·        Bible Survey

·        Pastoral Theology

·        Holy Living

·        Homiletics

·       Church History


Leading Evangelist:

Ø Abid Niamat

Ø Ashiq Nazir

Ø Pastor Liaqat




Ø Nabila Dean

Ø Shakila Dean

Ø Qaisar Niamat

Ø Mehwish Alsam

Ø Nabil Din



·       In 2018 Independent Bible College make 130 evangelists, in New Year will gather these trained evangelists in 3 days seminar and give them final training and will announce the mission for 2019 in this seminar. 

and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also. 2 Timothy 2:2


Independent Bible College is place where Independent Evangelical Ministries train their Evangelist, Pastor, Youth Leader and Sunday School Teachers. This Bible College were started in 2015 by Independent Evangelical Ministries to standardized our church planters. till the date we have trained more than 100 students most of them are serving with us and some are working in other churches where they live. People are submitting their applications to get enrolled in next batch from different cities of Pakistan. Our team visits people where they make a group of 40 people who are willing to get enroll for interviews then we start classed at that place. we are offering one year certification on systematic theology at this moment but we have received lots of applications for four years program but we are unable to get started at this moment because of limited funds. Our vision is to established a 4 years degree program in next year. if God put in your heart to be a part of our vision we invite to sponsor Independent Bible College, we believe that together we can do more than we are doing alone.  

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