Founder & Chairman - Independent Evangelical Ministries

Pastor Din Masih

Independent Evangelical Ministries Pakistan

A Dedicated servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, husband of a wife and father of 7 children.  A simple Rural man Din Masih was brought to God by Pastor Bashir Masih in 1991 in Quetta and he was baptized in Hannah Lake by him. After baptism he start working on the harvest of Lord in Quetta with some of local pastor there. After 4 years he came to Lahore where he received a vision to serve the Lord in unfaithful people and un reached area of Pakistan. He never went to school even for a single day but God shine His face upon him and give him ability to read Urdu Bible.

Inspired by this great miracle He took admission in Portable Bible School for further studies and learning. He went to his village to share Good News to local village people after completing his training. This is starting of his ministry. He went in other villages for evangelism with few friends.  After couple of years he moved to Youhanabad, Lahore in 1996 for permanent living. He bought a land to make church building. and in 2000 ministry at the platform of The Independent Evangelical Ministries. Now by the grace of God he is serving the Lord in all over the Pakistan.

Pastor Din Masih's Family

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