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Evangelism in Pakistan | Evangelism Ministry in Pakistan


The definition of Evangelism is “the preaching or promulgation of the Gospel or proclamation of glad news of righteousness.” Bible contains different names for evangelist: Ambassadors for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20); Fishers of men (Mathew 4:19; Mark 1:17). 

Firstly, we can discuss on evangelist. Who is real evangelist? Who can be evangelist? What is most important for an evangelist? It is not a matter of just talking about something. It is not a matter of doing something forcefully. Evangelism must be intentional in the life of every believer. Nowhere Bible says that only those can evangelize who have a specific title. All of you can evangelize. See Psalm 18:49; 96:3, 10; 1 Chronicles 16:24, where Lord said, Declare his glory among the nations, and his marvelous works among all the people. He did not point out a specific person for evangelism there and in the new testament, Jesus himself tells His disciples to make disciples in all nations (Mathew 28:19,20). Paul the apostle also commands through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that “The things which you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit the same things to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.” (2 Tim 2:2) (Our Bible training schools are build on this verse) So we can see that it’s not a choice it is God’s command or commission. It is not something that should be ignored or placed entirely on the shoulders of a few believers (pastors, evangelists, missionaries, ministries). Every believer must participate in evangelism intentionally. Following are some factors of evangelism for beginner;

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Conversation: Our main point of interest to share with others should be God and the work of Jesus Christ, and there should be no shame or embarrassment in speaking of the one we claim to love.

Love: Love is more than a word, it’s an action. Rather than just telling people about God and Jesus, we should show our love by how we treat and respond to people. If we can’t show this love we are missing a key component in the process of evangelism. Jesus showed his love in many ways to his people and we must model that love. In 1 Corinthians 13:13 Lord gave priority to love.

Lifestyle: we may find it very easy to speak about God in any conversation, even to total strangers, but may find it very difficult to live the life of a Christian that would be willing to let others follow. Our lifestyle should be dedicated to the obedience of God for his Glory so that others follow us as we follow God. 

Since we now understand the definition of evangelism as spoken in the Bible, and some ways of living, what do we need to do to begin implementing it into our daily lives?

Firstly we need to consecrate ourselves to Lord, give ourselves to Lord. When someone comes to evangelism his duty is merely twofold; to sow the seed of the good news (be a witness) and to water the seed (again to be a witness). Our job is simply to witness about the truth, it is only up to the Holy Spirit to germinate the word of truth within a person. 

I want to share one of sister’s experiences in ‘independent evangelical ministries’ with you. When she was in Christian college her teacher said all students to read Bible daily. One of students said, what will happen if we just read the Bible but don’t follow Lord’s words. Then Teacher said very beautiful words, He said that you just read the Bible, God himself will do it for you. Our Lord is almighty. Nothing is impossible for him. As per my experience I have understand the seven approaches to effective soul winning or effective evangelism.

Pre-Evangelism: Pre-evangelism is basically the work you do before presenting the Gospel. It can be free education for all, shipping bibles to Pakistan, Christian NGO in Pakistan, Christian Charities in Pakistan, love and serve others etc. Pre-evangelism is only the work you do to tear down the barriers of prejudice and doubt many have toward people of faith, which makes you the more approachable for others to ask about the hope within you. 

We are evangelism ministry working to outreach all over the Pakistan.

Personal Evangelism: An Evangelist or soul winner must possess great patience and use certain skills to win him or her over. In this approach you target a specific person you want to reach by praying for him. In other words, you must be consistent with your faith for a specific period of time while building a solid relationship based on trust. 

Proclamation Evangelism: This type of evangelism is one of the most common approaches found in the Bible. Jesus drew large crowds in open spaces. Once Jesus Christ gained their attention he proclaimed the good news of salvation to all of them. Proclamation evangelism does not just happen among large crowd; it can be a small group of people in a home.

Prophetic Evangelism: Prophetic evangelism is when you receive a specific word of knowledge about someone of which you had no prior knowledge. The person receiving the “word” realizes you are a man of God. Just like the story of Samaritan women drawing water from a well in john 4. 

Power Evangelism: Power Evangelism is a strong anointing to heal the sick, raise the dead and take authority over demonic influences. 

Presence Evangelism: Presence Evangelism is when the Lord’s overflowing power, grace and love flows through your life affecting others living around you. In other words, When people feel God’s glory in you and the feel presence of God around you. 

Post-Martyrdom Evangelism: The blood of the saints is the seed of the church. When the church is persecuted it grows exponentially. This type of evangelism is evident in the story of Stephen’s martyrdom in Acts 7:54-8:1-5.