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Children’s Art and Designs

Church Ministries in Pakistan

Children's Art & Designs

Independent Evangelical Ministries, working on child, street children and orphans. We have planned a program to enhance their art and design’s creativity. More than 100 children will be participated in this program and show their different type of creativity. Our team will help them on how they can boost and polish their skills.
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3 thoughts on “Children’s Art and Designs

    • Author gravatar

      It would be interesting to know if all these children are from Khaliq Nagar. Are they from a certain area in the community?
      Could you also share how often the children come together? Is this still going on?

      • Administrator

        Greetings, Dear Sister Rina, how are you doing today.? i hope and pray that you are doing fine and blessed. Thank you for taking interest in Child Fellowship Ministry, This these Children are from Khaliq Nagar, All children come together once a week ( Saturday evening from 4 PM to 7 PM) and our qualified Sunday School Teachers assist them to grow spiritually and mentally, We have been doing for more than 10 years to till the date. if you want to know more about Independent Evangelical Ministries and its projects please feel free to contact us on info@iempakistan.org. God Bless you more.

      • Author gravatar

        Greetings, Dear Sister Rina, how are you doing today.? we are still looking forward to hear from you.

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