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Adult Education

Adult Education Center | Adults Empowerment | Youth Awareness

Pakistan has a population of more than 221 million people, with 1.6% are christian population. More than 42% of the population is illiterate. Almost 65% of the population is Extremely Poor living in villages. The Christian literacy rate in Pakistan is not more than 10% in which the Christian women literacy rate is extremely low which is a devastating point for the future of the Christianity in Pakistan.

Through “Adult Education Centres in Pakistan” we are giving education to Christian men and women at no cost who cannot read the Holy Bible. Giving them education is just a tool, we are share the love of Jesus with them. This is one of the aims of the Independent Evangelical Ministries, a project of Sataish Welfare Organization to open many Adult Education Centers all over the Pakistan in different areas and to give education to those men and women who could not get education because of their poverty and bad situations at homes.

Through this way one day they will be able to read the Bible and to fulfil their dreams.

We believe if a mother is educated she will be able to raise her children the way they should be raise to be a good Christians. No doubt, an educated men and woman will have opportunities to live a respectable life and will play an important role in generating a strong and educated nation.

We distribute books, notebooks and stationary at no cost to these men and women. After their completion of the course we give free Bible to each of the them so they can carry on reading the Word of God and to teach their children as well and to become mature in Christ so there a big need to open many “Adult Education Centers” to save the future of our generations.

Adult Education Center is working under the Independent Evanegelical Ministries. It has been registered with the Government under the Trust Registration Act 1882 and with the goverment of Pakistan as a non-profit organization Independent Evagnelical Ministries, a non- sectarian organization, operating under the sponsorship and supervision of Sataish Welfare Organization, is working for the welfare of the people in Pakistan without any discrimination of race, religion, caste or creed.

Recognizing the fact that Adult Education is the key to improve living standard and quality of human resources, Independent Evangelical Ministries has been implementing the this program with the mission to increase literacy rate in Pakistan. 

Adult Education Center’s  syllabus and textbooks are  well designed for easy learning and functionality, thereby enhancing retention.