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Pastor Deen Masih was born in Ladhykey village where his relatives had set up residence for the last two generation. When he was about 30 year old God give me a vision to start work in Rural areas of Pakistan. But he was not a Educated person and he didn't know much about preaching and Evangelism. But God has a plan for him to start Working on the Harvest of Lord God Jesus Christ. He migrated to Lahore for his Spiritual education. In Lahore he, was an active member of the Asian Christian Portable Bible School . When he migrated to Lahore for Spiritual education, his life took a new turn for the kingdom of Lord Jesus Christ. God give him a Evangelism platform as named The Independent Evangelical Ministries in Pakistan . On this platform in Break Kiln he start making Disciples for the Lord God Jesus Christ. In 1995 for the first time they arranged a Baptism program and he baptize more the 300 people in the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit He decided to up lift the poor Christian community of Pakistan. And start working on the harvest of Lord God Jesus Christ. He founded Independent Evangelical Ministries in Pakistan in accordance with his vision and now after twenty one years there are many fruitful projects being undertaken to provide crisis relief, Christian Faith homes and feeding and medical assistance programs. He is taking care of Gypsies, widows, aged men and women through different welfare projects.He had also established Portable Primary School for Gypsy people to give them quality education in their tent. Pastor Deen Masih has been blessed to preach the true word of God through Healing and Evangelical Crusades and Meetings, Youth conferencing and Independent Bible College. God is using him in great ways to set the captives free in this age of hatred, violence, extremism and persecution. He is educating, helping and saving souls, children and aged men and women, and widows in rural areas of Pakistan. He believes that when we start doing what we can then God makes us do what is beyond our capacity, capability and comprehension. He is managing a very hard working team of believers to win the souls in Pakistan.

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